nomadiQ BBQ cleaning instructions

Turn off  BBQ & grill grates

Turn off the gas knobs when you’ve finished grilling and let the nomadiQ cool down for a while. Then run the corner of the nomadiQ cleaning brush over the ridges of the grid to scrape off any encrusted food residues. Then place the grids in warm water with some washing-up liquid or soda and let them soak for a while

(Optional) Detach burners

Unscrew the 4 screws of the burners with a Phillips screwdriver and remove them from the nomadiQ. This way you can easily clean the inside of the nomadiQ. NB! the detonator is very sharp

Inside nomadiQ

Grab some kitchen paper and wipe up any excess grease and food scraps that have come through the grate. Spray the inside of the nomadiQ with a kitchen/cleaning spray. Moisten the nomadiQ cleaning cloth and wipe the inside of the nomadiQ. Reattach the burners with the screws if you loosened them

Drip trays & grill grates

Remove the fat from the drip trays with kitchen paper, then they can be put in the dishwasher or you can wash them. Then clean the grill grates in the soapy water with the cleaning brush – brush side. The grill grates can also be put in the dishwasher. Can’t get rid of the stubborn and encrusted dirt with this? Then use a steel sponge. Put the clean dry grill grates back in the nomadiQ, fold it in and the job is done!


Make sure that the bbq has cooled down and can be touched safely before cleaning the outside. Lacquered and plastic parts can be cleaned with a mild detergent and a dry cloth (do not use scouring pads or aggressive detergents). We recommend that you first test the detergent on a small surface of the product. Never use paint thinners or similar solvents to clean the product and never pour cold water over hot surfaces. Make sure all surfaces are thoroughly dry before covering and storing the product.

Make sure that the bbq has cooled down and can be safely touched before cleaning the inside. You can clean the inside with water, a mild detergent and a soft sponge or cloth. The non-stick surfaces (inside of the barbecue panels) should be carefully cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Use a wet sponge and/or soft brush with a little baking soda to remove stubborn dirt. You can remove the non-stick coated grids and easily clean them under the tap with water and a mild detergent. The grids are also dishwasher safe. All parts and surfaces must then be dried with a dry, soft cloth.

WARNING! The contact points in the barbecue panels near the burner are sharp. Be careful when cleaning to avoid injury.


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