Step-by-step plan and tips for winter barbecuing

Even in winter, you can take the nomadiQ with you wherever you go. Winter sports, friends and family on vacation, or stay at home and place the nomadiQ on your balcony or in the garden. We’ll make sure you’re well prepared for your winter barbecue, so scroll down to find out how to prepare and grill to perfection!

nomadiQ BBQ has created a step-by-step winter barbecue plan for you:

1. Who are you inviting?
2. Offer entertainment for children when they come. For example, let them make these fun skewers for kids themselves
. 3. Let your guests know that you’ll be barbecuing outside, so they can dress warmly.
4. Ask guests about their diets and allergies
. 5. Prepare recipes and dishes well. . Plan what needs to be done first (some things take longer) If you have time, prepare some things in the afternoon.
6. Check that you have enough gas cylinders
7. Make sure there’s enough light at the BBQ, it’s getting dark early!
8. Prepare the right tools and accessories. nomadiQ barbecue mats are ideal for fish and pancakes, for example. A closed grill plate for dessert? Very useful for marshmallows and roasted fruit
. 9. Be prepared for anything – can you stand under a shelter if it starts raining, or do you have a party tent? And can guests sit in the warmth, shelter or indoors? Make sure you can stay out of the wind as much as possible.

A few more tips to keep you and your group warm:

– Fleece blankets for the outdoors
– Heat a pan of chocolate milk over the nomadiQ and serve with whipped cream.
– Heat a pan of wine
hot – Prepare a hot dessert with roasted pears topped with cinnamon and honey.

Enjoy your winter barbecue!

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